C3 Students

C3 Students is our ministry to Middle & High School students of eastern Greene County. C3 students is a strategically planned and relational driven program designed for our students. On this page you can learn just about everything you would need to know about C3 Students from what we do weekly, upcoming events, who is on our team, what we are teaching and the Core Values that guide our program. 

Core Values

Our Core Values are simple and selected on purpose from the story of Jesus and what he lived out. We have three values that help guide our program to best serve and minister to the students of eastern Greene County.

First, COME AND SEE - Everything that C3 students does to encourage students to come and see what Christianity is and learn about who "Jesus" really is in a safe environment to ask questions and seek real answers. 

Second, COMMIT - Everything that C3 Students does is give any student everything they need to fully learn about Jesus and be ready to fully commit their lives to Jesus and understand how that will forever change their lives.

Third, CARRY OUT - Everything that C3 Students does is give an example and spur on students to Carry Out their faith into the world they live in.

It is the Goal of C3 students to help develop a student's personal faith and enjoy the adventure with some fun along the way.

A typical c3 students week

A typical week for a C3 Student is a great time. Students can stop by the office to catch up and hang out with our Youth Minister Ken. Eagerly await for Wednesday night to arrive for C3 Student, our Youth Group time. Some students attend with their parent, be dropped off or picked up by our Ministry Buses. During our service students will have small group time, play an exciting game, listen to a sermon, have a time of worship and once a month eat a meal together. 

Then comes Sunday where our students will head to the Youth House for Sunday school and then attend Sunday morning service. Youth Minister Ken will usually try to meet up afterwards with students for lunch plans!  

Then the week starts over. 

Upcoming Events

Each year there are many exciting event that happen for C3 students. Outside of what happens on a weekly basis we do some awesome things. Each year we will typically have Summer Camps, Fall and Winter retreats, planned and unplanned trips/outings, and our Annual Pizza Fundraiser/Lock-In. 

For more information about upcoming event please contact our Youth Minister Ken or find more information on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/C3studentsEG. 

Jesus never said you can't talk forgiveness at the top of a roller coaster with middle school students! I promise I looked twice. 

Who's on the C3 Team

One may wonder who is talking with my teenager about God, Jesus, Faith, doubts, School drama, latest trends, tattoos or body odor? 

Each one of our Student Coaches (Youth group volunteers) are interviewed, background checked, mentored and trained on a regular basis by our pastoral staff. All of our Student Coaches are here because they feel like its there best place to serve the church and because it's the greatest area to have fun in church too. 

So what will my student learn?

So like most parents you wonder about what your student is learning and like most parents you will get one or two word answers or if you're luck a complete sentence. So you might wonder what they are really learning during there time here. Your Student will learn, listen to discussion and sermons about a wide variety of things from basic Bible knowledge, theology, topical topics like tattoos, divorce, who wrote the bible and the teachings of Jesus. If you would like to learn about currently being taught please feel free to contact our Youth Minister Ken. 

For anything else you might want to know...

So if there are was anything else there that wasn't covered here that you'd like to ask or find out more information please do not hesitate to contact our Youth Minster Ken Osterbrook or call our office during business hours.
We look forward to serving the raising generation of the church.