NEXT STEPS: Moving Forward

CCC’s NEXT STEPS process guides you to move from where you are in your relationship with God to the next level.  That might mean accepting Jesus for the first time or finding a place to serve as a new member of CCC.  Perhaps you have been a member of CCC for awhile and now you are ready for another step.  Everyone is different.


We invite you to take the NEXT STEPS journey as a brand new guest to CCC or as a new member or a member stepping out.  We use this as a guideline, but want to match the NEXT STEPS process to the needs of each group.


We meet monthly on the 1st Sunday and 2nd Sunday at 9:30am




Who is Cincinnati Christian Church? 

Basics of Christianity





What are my next steps of faith?

Where do I fit at CCC?



What will be accomplished?

  • You will know MORE about Cincinnati Christian Church
  • You will know MORE about the Christian Faith
  • You will be CHALLENGED to take a step of faith
  • You will know where you FIT in the church
  • We will MAKE PLANS to get you rooted and connected