CCC does take up an offering weekly.  The opportunity to give is available right when walking into our sanctuary. 

Hand Pointing Down  Maybe you don't do cash or checks?  See below! Hand Pointing Down

  • STEP #1

    Sign up for secure online banking with your own bank or credit union.  Most offer this free of charge for most types of accounts.  Secure online banking with your bank is identity-theft safe with no middle man and no extra fees for you or for the church.

  • STEP #2

    Go to the "Bill Pay" section of online banking and add CCC as a "payee."  You will need to know the church address (see below).  Note: you do not need a "payee account number" because CCC tracks this for you for anything over $250 (per IRS).  You may put your name there if you like.


    11432 EAST STATE RD 54



  • STEP #3

    You can then either manually send your tithe to the church or you can set up an automatic recurring payment once CCC is a "payee" in the free bill pay service.  We recommend automatic recurring payments after a date you know your paycheck will be posted in the account.