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  • 9:30AM Sunday School Small Groups For All

    10:30AM Worship Service

    6:30PM Discipleship Groups

  • 6:30PM C3 Students (MS & HS)

    7:00PM Adults and Kids City (K-4th)

  • We believe God has called us to graciously represent Jesus Christ in our community. Therefore, prompted by God's love for us demonstrated through Jesus Christ, our goal is to obey our Lord and to do what Jesus has asked of us. We believe the message of the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is Good News and that it is our purpose to share that Good News.

    We believe God has called us to guide people in becoming disciples of Jesus, becoming like Jesus, empowered by His Holy Spirit.

    We place a high value on baptism through immersion and participating in communion every week. 

    We gather together to worship God, build each other up through prayer, study Scripture, serve one another, and serve our community with love.  

    We believe that Christ is revealed through Scripture and seek to align ourselves with His teachings in life using Scripture as our guide. As we approach Scripture, we believe "In essentials, unity: in opinions, liberty: in all things love." We gather for all these purposes with the understanding that this ministry is the responsibility of the Body of Christ as a whole. Each member is gifted, valuable, and has a role to play.

    We are a non-denominational Christian church with roots in the Restoration Movement and connections with other Christian Churches/Churches of Christ.


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We are a family of believers in Jesus Christ, the One and only Son of God.  It is our aim to help you find Jesus and once you have found Him, to grow in your relationship with God.

Our mission: “Helping People Find and Follow Jesus”

We are seeking to do this through three primary avenues:

key  COMMUNITY.  In our church family, all people are loved and challenged to grow into the likeness of Jesus. Our family seeks each day to be people who love God and love each other by expressing that love through service in Christ.  Our personal connections with each other help our faith.

key  COMMITMENT.  Christianity is a committed lifestyle based on a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A relationship with God is like any other relationship even though He is not like anything else!  We must put in time talking with Him, effort in studying the Bible, and have the will to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We take this seriously.

key  CALLING.  God equips those who love Him and follow Him to serve and love those around them.  He calls each of us in different ways to lead others to find Jesus and to disciple those who are in the faith.  We want to help you fulfill that calling.